Progress towards malaria elimination in Zimbabwe with special reference to the period 2003–2015

The capital and largest city is Harare. The second largest city is Bulawayo. A country of roughly 14 million [14] [15] people, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages , [3] with English, Shona , and Ndebele the most common. Since the 11th century, present-day Zimbabwe has been the site of several organised states and kingdoms like the most notably Rozvi and Mthwakazi kingdoms, as well as a major route for migration and trade. The British South Africa Company of Cecil Rhodes first demarcated the present territory during the where they first conquered Mashonaland which was a self Sovereign and later in they conquered Matabeleland after a fierce resistance by Matabele people through a war known as First Matabele War. In long after Mashonaland and Matabeleland were administered separately as Two States, The White Colonialists tabled a white only referendum which merged two Sovereignities of Mashonaland and Matabeleland into a one self-governing British colony of Southern Rhodesia without the consent of black natives. In , the conservative white minority government unilaterally declared independence as Rhodesia. The state endured international isolation and a year guerrilla war with black nationalist forces; this culminated in a peace agreement that established universal enfranchisement and de jure sovereignty as Zimbabwe in April Zimbabwe then joined the Commonwealth of Nations , from which it was suspended in for breaches of international law by its then-government, and from which it withdrew in December

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THE recent surge in the global price of gold could be a major boon for cash-strapped Zimbabwe if the safe. ARE you suffering from re-entry anxiety? Close Sidebar. Top Stories. Gold price surge is a bonus for Zimbabwe. August 20,

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After leaving political life in Zimbabwe, in he emigrated to Ireland, where he died this past Good Friday. For many years, Mr. Auret led the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and was at the forefront of documenting atrocities under Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in the s that left more 20, people dead. That era still haunts the present administration as activists press government officials to acknowledge and atone for past human rights abuses. In the post-colonial era they include the murder and attem pted murder of opposition leaders and their supporters dating back to the s and s.

In the early s , under a controversial land reform program, violent farm invasions led to the killing of white farmers by ruling party supporters.

B46 – Benefits from the Use of Hybrid Maize Technology in Zimbabwe L area, and percent area planted to hybrids dating as far back as / 14 (courtesy of.

Monitors from the Kimberley Process, the international watchdog set up to monitor the trade, made the recommendation to the scheme’s bosses after visiting the country earlier this month. They focused on the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe, where mining is controlled by the country’s military and police, and around independent miners were massacred last year.

Mr Mugabe’s regime uses the profits from the area to buy the loyalty of police and military commanders and units, according to a report by Human Rights Watch earlier this year. In the Kimberley Process monitors’ interim report, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, they say: “Violence undertaken by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe National Army in removing illegal panners and then attempting to maintain control of the area is unacceptable within the Kimberley process framework.

The team was headed by a Liberian deputy minister, and their conclusions are the strongest condemnation yet of Mr Mugabe’s regime by an African-led international mission. They have recommend suspension of Zimbabwe from the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for “at least six months, but until such time as the KP team determines that minimum standards have been met”, adding that the area must be “demilitarised” and adequate security installed. The move would make Zimbabwe only the third country ever to be suspended under the Kimberley scheme after Ivory Coast and Congo-Brazzaville.

Blocking exports will be a major blow to Mr Mugabe’s efforts to retain the support of the military commanders who are still key to the country’s future, despite the formation of the unity government with the former opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Abuses in the Marange area, in Chiadzwa district, are still continuing — a traditional leader was forcibly evicted from his home this week for having co-operated with the inspectors.

Now there will be no one to protect people in the area.

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Zimbabwe is buzzing about Harvard Medical School’s Global Health Catalyst naming as special ambassador Auxillia Mnangagwa, who is the.

A street child stands outside a former Toyota garage where he lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on April 22, After running away from his abusive stepmother last year, Tapiwa turned to sex work to earn a living on the streets. He is one of the rising number of homeless children in a nation crippled by a cash crunch that has led to shortages of fuel and price hikes of basic necessities.

Child rights’ groups said the sexual abuse of underage girls was widely discussed but to date little attention had been given to the boys caught up in the sex trade to survive. Gay sex is illegal in Zimbabwe, carrying a prison sentence of up to three years, but non-governmental organisations NGOs said reports of rising numbers of underage boys selling themselves on the streets were rife.

Zimbabwean parliamentarian Ncube Siphiwe, a senator for Bulawayo Metropolitan province, said the authorities were aware of this trend, with abandoned beer halls converted into unofficial venues for sex work. Bulawayo City Council spokesman Nesisa Mpofu confirmed the authority has leased unused beer halls to the community for businesses and had no say on how tenants ran those places. Sikholiwe Ncube, programmes officer at the Bulawayo-based Thuthuka Street Children’s Home, said the nation’s economic crisis has forced more children onto the streets, leaving them vulnerable.

For after suffering from decades of decline, Zimbabwe is also facing a drought and devastation from Cyclone Idai that has further dashed hopes that the economy will quickly recover in the wake of the downfall of Robert Mugabe in a coup in Historic data on the number of children living rough is scarce but the Social Welfare Department estimated Zimbabwe in had more than 4, children working and living on the streets of major cities Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo and Beitbridge.

Children as young as 10 years are on the streets,” Ncube said.

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Across the globe, the emergence of complex societies excites intense academic debate in archaeology and allied disciplines. Not surprisingly, in southern Africa the traditional assumption that the evolution of socio-political complexity began with ideological transformations from K2 to Mapungubwe between CE and is clouded in controversy. However, new fieldwork at Mapela Hill, when coupled with a Bayesian chronology, offers tremendous fresh insights which refute this orthodoxy.

Firstly, Mapela possesses enormous prestige stone-walled terraces whose initial construction date from the 11 th century CE, almost two hundred years earlier than Mapungubwe.

ZIMPHIA COLLABORATING INSTITUTIONS. Ministry of screening and confirmatory tests were classified as HIV positive. spouse, boyfriend/​girlfriend, dating partner, or ongoing sexual partner).1 Exposure to IPV has been.

Metrics details. It is critical to analyse the changes in the morbidity trends based on surveillance data, and scrutinize reorientation to strategies for elimination. This is a retrospective study of available Ministry of Health surveillance data and programme reports, mostly from to Malaria epidemiological data were drawn from the National Health Information System database. Data on available resources, malaria control strategies, morbidity and mortality trends were analysed, and opportunities for Zimbabwe malaria elimination agenda was perused.

With strong government commitment and partner support, the financial gap for malaria programming shrank by In , diagnostics improved from clinical to parasitological confirmation either by rapid diagnostic tests or microscopy. Artemisinin-based combination therapy was used to treat malaria following chloroquine resistance in , and sulfadoxine—pyrimethamine in In , there were malaria cases per populations reported from all health facilities throughout the country.

The following decade witnessed a substantial decline in cases to only 22 per populations in Twenty of the 47 moderate to high burdened districts were upgraded from control to malaria pre-elimination between and

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The Home Office faces a series of legal challenges over its decision to allow Zimbabwean government officials to interview people from the country who are seeking asylum in the UK. The government was criticised earlier this year for working with the Zimbabwean state to accelerate the removal of asylum seekers after Robert Mugabe was forced from power, despite continuing human rights abuses in the country. Zimbabweans seeking asylum in the UK, who fear persecution by the new government, were asked to attend Home Office centres across the UK, only to find officials from the governement in Harare waiting to question them.

Of the teachers trained to date, 70% have been female. Cultural Rights (​ICESCR) Countries have been classified accordingly: Tier 1: Zimbabwe

Chatter in WhatsApp groups became eerily still in an online social landscape where almost half of all internet usage occurs on the messaging platform. Reporters for Chat and other news outlets were told to stay home, in part for their own safety. But much of the country was without access to Facebook, WhatsApp, or mobile network service. The internet was turned back on when a High Court ruling declared the internet shutdown illegal six days after the first blackout began, but tensions continue to roil dialogues about media freedom in Zimbabwe.

The crackdown on social media, in part, is a demonstration of how the WhatsApp corner of the internet has become a powerful space for Zimbabweans. WhatsApp facilitated the spread of misinformation during elections in Brazil and has contributed to caste-based violence and mob killings in India. But it can also serve as a platform for democratized distribution of news in a country with a storied history of oppressing government critics.

Independent media in Zimbabwe are turning to WhatsApp as a primary distributor of news in the midst of an information landscape that is shifting to social platforms.

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A selection of the beads was studied non-destructively by classifying them according to morphological attributes, supplemented by Raman analyses and XRF measurements. It became evident that a morphological classification of beads recovered from sites that include imports into Africa after the seventeenth century AD could be problematic due to apparent morphological similarities between earlier and later beads. This paper demonstrates the use and archaeological application of Raman and XRF measurements to separate earlier imported beads from later counterparts by identifying glass nanostructure, as well as pigments and opacifiers, which were not used in bead series pre-dating the seventeenth century AD.

Results obtained from Raman and XRF measurements indicate that although some beads retrieved from Magoro Hill pre-date the seventeenth century and belong to the Indo-Pacific K2, East Coast, Khami and Zimbabwe series, the largest number of beads is from a later European origin. This ties in with the settlement history of the site, which suggests that it primarily served as a rendezvous for episodic rainmaking rituals before it became the stronghold and capital of a Venda chiefdom, headed by the Magoro dynasty, in the second half of the eighteenth century AD.

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There are 13 other countries on the list, including Pakistan, Zimbabwe , and Iraq. While Zimbabwe was ordinary, it was also powerfully captivating. Unlike my peers who were mostly going to Britain or Spain, I chose Zimbabwe. And my beloved Zimbabwe has sunk from a promising beacon into an abyss of greed and dictatorship. A few days after graduation from college, I rushed back to Zimbabwe.

So a police-boy from the town camp was sent on to escort them, and the Zimbabwe camp notified by runner of their approach.

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