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Pottery Marks Patent Office Registration Marks And Numbers

Factory Marks. I began. Its decorative quality and naive charm are admired by all. Many of the designs and colours.

Dating Diamond Registration Marks. Designs of register numbers dates year of list chronological marks marks.

There are features that distinguish one type of lead-glaze majolica from another to a great or lesser degree which we mention as we go along. The main types are English majolica, which we will cover in more detail including sections on English Style, Makers and Marks; Continental majolica; Palissy majolica; American majolica; and Green. They were commercially inexpensive to produce as many colours could be applied to the biscuit, then fired just once, ideally without running into each other though this was not always possible.

The process of applying coloured lead glazes to the biscuit , then firing, is known as ‘majolica glazing’. Green glazed leaf plates rely on the ‘intaglio’ effect where glaze accumulates in the depressions of the mold as a stronger color. The new majolica was simultaneously boldly decorative and useful. It became hugely popular with the rapidly emerging merchant classes of Victorian England.


Registered Designs are for the eye appeal of an object. They are applied for at The Intellectual Property Office. There is a part manuscript part print volume, which contains in date order information on non-ornamental designs. These were minor inventions and had registered numbers which were usually found on the artefacts.

This is located with the British Library research team.

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A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal , mostly to certify the content of noble metals —such as platinum , gold , silver and in some nations, palladium. In a more general sense, the term hallmark can also be used to refer to any distinguishing characteristic. Historically, hallmarks were applied by a trusted party: the “guardians of the craft ” or, more recently, by an assay office. Hallmarks are a guarantee of certain purity or fineness of the metal, as determined by official metal assay testing.

Hallmarks are often confused with “trademarks” or “maker’s marks”. A hallmark is not the mark of a manufacturer to distinguish his products from other manufacturers’ products: that is the function of trademarks or makers’ marks. To be a true hallmark, it must be the guarantee of an independent body or authority that the contents are as marked.

Thus, a stamp of “” by itself is not, strictly speaking, a hallmark, but is rather an unattested fineness mark. Many nations require, as a prerequisite to official hallmarking, that the maker or sponsor itself marks upon the item a responsibility mark and a claim of fineness. Responsibility marks are also required in the US if metal fineness is claimed, even though there is no official hallmarking scheme there.

Royal Worcester factory marks

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Every 10 years, Texas requires that brands be re-registered in the county or counties in which you operate. The current effective date of the Mark and Brand.

Diamond shaped pottery marks, printed or impressed on the base, are official marks of the Patent Office Registry of Designs, set up in to protect manufacturers from plagiarism and piracy. In the positions of the code letters and numbers were changed, but the registration mark continued until December , when it was replaced by a serial number.

Pottery Marks — Date Letters. I have plates with the class of clay and the date of September I have a teapot with some tree branches with pink flowers and two possibly blue birds and other side smaller tree branch with a couple pink flowers and a blue butterfly getting ready to land on flower. Or just kind of crack lines with faded brownish circle around it. Could be wrong tho. And then w in kind of orange writing original and possibly under that is some mark or thin letter of same color.

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What are Antique Marks?

This story covers the production of the ‘Made in England’ backstamp mosaic in the Potteries Museum and the information which can be found from such backstamps. Item details…. The mosaic was made by Emma Biggs as a homage to the ceramic history of ‘The Potteries’ and was installed in April Go to the item’s page. The ‘Made in England’ mosaic was commissioned to commemorate the glorious history of the ceramic history in the Potteries.

Harp jug showing raised diamond registration mark. Note the blue stamp with registration date of 18th December page_6_pict_1. Page 6. UK Belleek.

Wileman , and a variety of backstamps were used over the years. In Wileman began earthenware production in a new earthenware works. Wares produced in the new works were labelled with unique backstamps. Beginning in , the Shelley backstamp replaced Wileman and Co. Backstamps are often the first thing a collector looks for. Although a backstamp may be an indicator of authenticity, the backstamp alone is insufficient to guarantee genuineness.

Counterfeit backstamps have been applied to ordinary pottery, and in some cases transfers have been applied to bona fide Shelley whiteware. To complicate matters, some genuine Shelley pieces have no backstamp at all, for example salt and pepper shakers. Special thanks are owing to Mr. Bruce Sandie and the Australasian club for their generous assistance in providing research and artwork necessary to the creation of this page.

The UK Club has an extensive discussion of backstamps which they have shared with us. In addition, earlier Wileman and the forerunners to Wileman employed numerous other backstamps. For further information, you are encouraged to visit either the Australian site at www.

Dating diamond registration marks

The answer, of course, is “yes, but It’s a good idea for you to do a search before you adopt a mark. Chances are, your first choice or two will be taken, so a little investment in your time now will save you a lot of time and money later on. There’s no point in paying us to file an application to register a trademark if it’s already registered and you could have found it in a few minutes work, and if you can knock out all the “easy” ones, you will get much more value from a professional search later on.

There’s more than a little art to searching, not to mention years of experience, so don’t feel too bad at missing something a professional might find.

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British Registered Design lozenges A list of Registered Designs which are signified by one of two lozenges illustrated below , which appear either moulded into pressed glass, or etched with acid or diamond-point , gilded or enamelled on hand-blown glass. Contains designs registered in Britain by major glass manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers, from to Use the key to Year and Month code letters next section to decipher the full date of registration, then click on one of the boxes below to take you to the year-range containing the date of your Registered Design If the lozenge is hard to decipher often the impression is unclear , the “parcel” number the last column on the following pages may help confirm whether or not you have the right Registration.

The “class” number for glass items will always be ” III ” exceptions For the first lozenge, R may be used for the month mark from 1st to 19th September, , and K used for December For the second lozenge, from 1st to 6th March , G was used for the month and W for the year. Year code letters.


The Copyright of Design Act initiated the use of the diamond registration mark used to confirm that a design has been registered in Britain. The diamond contained enough information to allow identification from the official records held by the Patent Office. There was a letter to represent the year so the first series ran from to

The earliest backstamps use the diamond mark registration system. These cryptic In the early ‘s Shelley Potteries began a system to date their wares.

Dating English Registry Marks. Starting in , England has offered registration of it’s decorative designs for pottery, china, wood, paper, pottery, china, porcelain, glass and more. By using the information below you can find the date a design was registered. Not every piece registered was marked. Remember this date is just when the design was registered.

An item with a registry mark or number could have been produced before less likely as the design would not be protected , or after the date of the registry mark. The following two diamond shaped marks were used from

English Registry Marks

I have a silver and marcasite bracelet from around the s. An item with a registry mark or number could have been produced before less likely as the design would not be protected , or after the date of the registry mark. Knowing which color gemstones were predominant at certain times in history goes a long way in helping to date a piece of jewelry. Good sources for this information can be found at: and the The photo shown here is a sterling silver filigree camphor glass necklace.

It’s a good idea for you to do a search before you adopt a mark. There’s no point in paying us to file an application to register a trademark if it’s already registered See below for a special note on using the date fields as search terms. number 3,, is two Chinese Characters, with a tea leaf in a cup on a diamond.

Over the years factory marking of pieces has evolved and although marks vary from impressed and hand written to printed emblems, the majority of bone china produced was marked in the way described below. The standard printed factory mark, included the number 51 in the centre that refers to the year when the Worcester Porcelain Company was founded by Dr John Wall.

The mark can appear in any colour, and on a variety of materials. Between and specific indications of the year of manufacture are rare but may sometimes be found in the form of the last two figures of the date, eg 75 for , printed below the standard mark. From a letter system was also used to indicate the year of manufacture. From the crown sits down to fit the circle.

(EN) The Diamond Registration Mark, Kite Mark, Explanations and History