How to find a technical co-founder

We are firm believers in starting a business with someone else. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook went for it alone, but founders like him are few and far between. Plus, Zuckerberg had a ton of help. Remember that nasty lawsuit by those brawny Harvard students? Even if you think you can cover everything, why should you if you have a co-founder who can do it better? Something else to consider? Different management styles. This is a lot easier and more fun!

11 Valuable Insights for Finding Your Technical Co-Founder

Gloria Lin has gone on a lot of dates in the past year. No, not that kind. But she quickly found that was easier said than done. You have to both want to do a startup — requiring similar levels of high-risk tolerance — and be available at the same time, which depends on life and financial circumstances.

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There are many factors that can go into making a startup prosperous—for instance, market prerequisites, availability of the necessary funds, or an appropriate business model. Nevertheless, finding a trustworthy and well-qualified co-founder or co-founders is an essential first step, especially when you feel like you have a great idea, but some of skills are missing. As Startup Genome reports, having a co-founder at least one contributes to startup success.

However, it can be hard to find an ideal co-founder. Luckily, many online and offline platforms are there to help you reach those who can complement your skill set. We chose the top 6 to highlight for you here. To get started, follow three easy steps: register also possible with Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook , set up your account provide some information about the startup you founded or about to found, your skills and the skills you are looking for, your objectives, etc.

After registering, you get a day free trial of the premium subscription. Additionally, you get the chance to to obtain greater exposure by being featured on CoFoundersLab. Sometimes meeting your future co-founder offline first can be more efficient and reliable. To do so, you can attend the Techstars Startup Weekend. They offer hour networking and education events all around the world, each devoted to different themes and industries—for example, agrotech, smart cities, social innovations, tourism tech, and so on.

Third day: Present the outcome in front of a panel of judges, network with experts, and celebrate all the accomplishments.

Looking for a co-founder? Try Co-founder Dating

With tech savviness starting before potty training it’s hard not to assume every child is one step away from becoming the next Jobs or Zuckerberg. However, a new study shows that middle-aged entrepreneurs tend to have more success than their younger peers. Procure a partner, of course. According to a Startup Genome report , the right co-founder can significantly increase your chances of entrepreneurial success.

When they started dating in , they swapped war stories about company tech startups, but that doesn’t come without risks, like co-founder.

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Co-founder therapy teaches tech bros how to be in their feelings

While the startup cofounder might be sought out by the original founder, the responsibility of a cofounder is extremely important. This position is enormously gratifying, allowing the cofounder to grow with the company. Unlike the corporate world, the startup cofounder can tailor their daily duties to their strengths. While there is a large amount to get done, both in the beginning and even more as the startup continues growing in popularity, having the freedom to work where your strengths lie and truly lead the team is an experience rarely found in a traditional version of this role.

In , I started my third startup, as a technical founder with the TechStars Boulder company InvitedHome (at the time, we were.

My name is Oliver Bremer. I’m working on Founder2be — the original co-founder matchmaking service — together with my co-founders Frank and Wolfgang. I grew up in Germany, got my master’s in computer science in the U. Seven years later, the day I held the first iPhone in my hands, I did two things:. Next, I joined a tech startup, which got me thinking about solving problems in new ways.

Soon I had all sorts of ideas for a startup of my own. All I needed was a co-founder. And so the idea for Founder2be was born: online dating for co-founders. I had plenty of ideas for startups, but I didn’t want to start alone. With every new idea, I asked friends and co-workers to join me. Unfortunately, nobody I asked ever wanted to jointly found a startup around any of my ideas.

And if nobody that I already knew wanted to team up, what chance did I have of finding great co-founders I didn’t yet know? This was about the time I had my eureka moment: Having met my girlfriend through online dating I thought: “Hey!

34 Questions to Ask a Potential Co-Founder

Develop expertise, traction, and technical proficiency. By Daniel Wu and Stephen Turban. For a generation of programmers, the idea of non-technical co-founders has gone from bad to meme-worthy. But, wait, what if you are a person without technical skills interested in a startup?

Similar to a dating site, Founder2be is a platform that enables startups to connect with everyone in tech, from co-founders and designers to.

Access your key entrepreneurial resources. Join the fastest growing network, offering certification programs and discussion forums. FounderDating joined forces with CoFoundersLab to better serve the entrepreneurial community. Learn from the Collective Experience of a like-minded Community. Popular Topics. Director of Engineering at Zenefits. How to test a programmers coding ability? Chief Product Officer at Rubicon Project. What percentage of the company should a marketing cofounder be entitled to?

3 Dating Tips to Find the Right Co-Founder

In a world where it is getting harder and more frustrating to get the ideal business partner or startup co-founder, it has become more important for online platforms to be created to make it easier for people with great ideas to find people with great skill-sets in order to build the idea together. Finding a co-founder is the most important thing for any startup because it usually is arguably the first hire, and that is what will determine whether your startup will be successful or not.

Of course, there are a few other things that will determine the success of your startup aside from having just a good co-founder.

(External) US Tech Cofounder Matching. Date: 19 Aug Time: pm – 9:​00pm EDT.

Meet co-founders, early hires, and accelerate through the early days of building a company. Anyone can build software. Tap into the collective intelligence of hundreds of entrepreneurs, all with deep subject matter expertise — short circuit your feedback loop. Conventional wisdom holds that founders should know each other or have worked together before. We believe this to be false: we engineer this serendipity at On Deck. ODA is designed to accelerate groups of experienced operators and founders along the path to becoming a successful angel investor, helping build co-investor networks, hone skills, and broaden their knowledge of trends and markets.

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The Founder Dating Playbook – Here’s the Process I Used to Find My Co-Founder

Thank you for your support! Teaming up with others who share similar values and who buy-into the mission and goal of what you’re doing is key to making an impact Be smart, be humble, be open to talking about you, what you’ve done, and what you’re looking for. You’ll meet with dozens upon dozens of people who have exciting companies and ideas for starting one that are looking for others to partner with.

The researchers found teams that paired a founder with business prowess and another with technical know-how secured 30 percent more.

This is the most obvious way to meet a startup co-founder. You would then find out when these groups meet, mark them down on your calendar and get ready to mingle! Believe it or not, I met my first co-founder this way and we went together to build a music-related website while in college and also launched a small a web development business. You can also seek out other networking events to meet potential technical or business co-founders. I also find that Eventbrite is a great way to find networking events, though they usually cost money.

You could also subscribe to Startup Digest to see the startup-related events that are happening in your area each week. CoFoundersLab — Join the largest community of more than 25, founders, advisers and interns to help launch or grow your business. CoFoundersLab also puts on events around the US to help entrepreneurs find a co-founder. CollabFinder — CollabFinder Groups give your community members a place to team up and launch projects.

FounderDating — FounderDating is the premiere online network for entrepreneurs to connect with co-founders and advisors and find co-founders to work with on their next venture. Founder2Be — Find a co-founder. Founder2be is the largest startup community for developers, web designers, marketers and anyone looking to start a startup worldwide.

Top 10 ways to meet a startup co-founder

FasterCapital is an online incubator which is operating in Ireland. Below is our network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, regional partners and representatives in Ireland. A list of companies we have become the technical founder for in Ireland.

Just like an online dating site, CoFoundersLab asks subscribers to complete Startups can upload ads seeking technical co-founders and job.

Also, what will a technical cofounder need to see in order to feel comfortable joining me? I have advised a number of Clarity members on this question exactly. LinkedIn can be a great place to find your technical cofounder. I would look for someone who has been at their current company longer than 18 months and has relevant experience or interest in the problem you’re looking to solve.

Reaching-out “cold” can work, if you keep your message short and relevant. Happy to talk you through any of this in detail in a call and go into the specifics related to your location, background, and type of product or service you’re looking to recruit a cofounder to. Answered 6 years ago. I would suggest looking within your local Tech community. Search out various tech centric events through Meetup.

Those events will attract people within the tech community that are interested in either new ideas, concepts or potentially becoming a cofounder.

10 Best Websites to Find a Co-founder for your Startup in 2020

Subscriber Account active since. While some tech leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg, have been with their partners since college , notable figures in the tech sector have gravitated toward partners with just as much — or more! Weiss announced the couple’s engagement in a post on Instagram, where they first made their relationship public in January But there have also been some high-profile splits in the past year that have hit some prominent tech leaders.

So, a week ago, we got engaged.

You’ve approached a technical founder with an idea with traction. Great To date, they’ve raised over $16 million dollars for children’s hospital.

Find or Become a Start-up Co-Founder. Number 2 in the world for VC funds. Highest per capita in the world. My Favorite Co-Founders. Save Favorites. See all. Click to Favorites. I’m looking for a Co-founder.. Who has a startup idea Who wants to join a startup Select. Hours per week:.