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Today’s tide times for Tainan City: Thursday 20 August Tide Tide Forecast Wave icon, Time (CST)& Date, Height. Low Tide, 3.

Skip to main content block. Shigang District Office, Tainan City. Print Friendly. Facebook google plus plurk. Sigang Chingan Palace incense ritual has been in existence since , at Bafen Yide Palace now called Guma, or Aunt, Palace , where the first ritual commonly known as “cutting incense” was held. A three-year statute was made in holding this event, in April of the Lunar Calendar, although the exact date is not fixed for each ritual. Due to the Zengwun River floods, Yide Palace Aunt Palace ritual was stopped, so Sigang Chingan Palace took over the ritual ever since the fourteenth incense ritual , Commonly known as “Sigang Incense Ritual”, it is an incense ritual combined with religious activities.

From the first ritual to this date, a span of about two hundred years, the number of villages participating in ritual activities has gradually expanded from the original 13 to 24, then 36, 72, 78 villages, and now there are more than 90 villages participating in the incense ritual parade throughout Sigang, Cigu, Jiali, Anding, Annan, and other districts. After “Sigang Incense Ritual” was taken over by the Chingan Palace, following the customs of king ceremony and incense cutting ritual, and building a huge cutting incense scale today, on the whole, Signag incense ritual has the following characteristics: 1.

Long history: Since , Signag incense ritual has been held at Bafen Yide palace Aunt palace to pray for water. It has more than years of history to this date. For two hundred years, except in when it was forced to stop due to the war, the ritual has almost never stopped. Incense rituals combined: The main content of Sigang insence ritual combines both the cutting incense parade and king ceremony, which is rare in religious activities in other regions.

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With hundreds of thousands of firecrackers all going off at the same time, it is a cacophony like hundreds of thousands of bees streaming out of their hives. Owing to the underdeveloped state of medicine at the time, victims of the disease multiplied daily and the local population lived in fear, praying to Guan Di, the god of war, to bring an end to this calamity and save them.

Following the palanquin were multitudes of the faithful setting off firecrackers along the road, winding their way throughout the city until the break of dawn, ridding themselves of this plague in one fell swoop. From that time onward, future generations followed this precedent, asking Guan Di to patrol the streets on the evening of the Lantern Festival.

Stadium: Tainan Municipal Football Field Seats Matchday, Date, Time, Venue, Ranking, Opponent, System of play, Attendance, Result.

Advance reservation is required to join these splendid guided firefly tours. In addition, visitors may also explore the abundant sites of Yangmingshan National Park such as Yangmingshan Hot Spring and Cingtiangang, as well as enjoy fresh mountain delicacies for a colorful Taipei travel. Tung Blossom Park is a wonderful place for a relaxed strolling in the park with the fallen white flower petals on the ground. Moreover, they have found hidden habitats of firefly in this neighborhood in recent years.

Visitor now may enjoy a beautiful flower viewing in the day, and appreciating the fireflies by night. Other than abundant natural resources, Wulai features an indigenous culture that displays the native culture, tradition habitations, and historical artifacts of the Atayal aboriginal tribe that is worth a visit as well.

Firefly zone is opened every year during firefly season around April to September for you to enjoy a great time with your loved ones. The famous Shengxing Railway Station suspended in and now classified as Miaoli historical site.

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Tainan quickly became our favourite city in Taiwan, thanks to its meandering back alleys, varied architecture, rich history and numerous retro coffee shops and bars. Tainan has a lot to offer. So, with that said, be sure to stray from the main streets and embrace the indirect route, allowing yourself time to get a little lost as you explore this unique city. A local resident busy doing something in a bold and eyecatching doorway. A classic covered walkway on the streets of Tainan, complete with the characteristic row of motorbikes.

All the shapes: the kind of facade we love setting eyes on in the back alleys of Tainan.


Kevin’s, tour of Tainan was everytihing we asked for. Kevin’s multi language skill’s are international standard and he was a great listener allowing understading of the variation we required for our tour and the issues we needed to attend to. We enjoyed his company and he made our time in Tianan productive and memorable without being too taxing.

Diary of a Japanese Soldier Stationed in Tainan. Publication Date / Author / Setsuya Matsuzoe (tr. and ed.) Category / Historical Source Material.

Is something out of date? Please let me know. Tainan Travel Guide. Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city and ancient capital, and is packed with historic sites to explore. Like it’s big sister Kaohsiung, Tainan also boasts a surprisingly different culture to northern Taiwan, which retains much more of a traditional Taiwanese vibe, as Chiang Kai Shek and his Chinese soldiers mostly settled in Taipei. Even the language is different here: while Chinese is used in formal situations, the majority of people down here speak their native Taiwanese or aboriginal languages by preference.

While Taipeiers flock to Starbucks and work on their laptops, or parks to catch Pokemon, southerners sip fine Alishan tea in quaint teahouses, or go to the centuries-old temples to worship.